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The comfort born from nature meeting technology…

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You will experience the eternal energy, health and comfort of nature in every sleep. You will find the perfect resting space to enhance your living and sleeping qualities in unique ecological Skellefte mattresses.

ProEcological® Hybrid System The secret of unique comfort, ProEcological® spring system, is a hybrid system that combines pocketed spring system with 100% natural latex. It blends the nature of the rubber tree that grows in the untouched forests of Malaysia with the state of the art, world known symbol of stability, Swedish steel, resulting in real natural sleep.

100% natural latex allows air circulation within the mattress, balances the temperature and provides a healthy sleeping environment. Naturally breathable latex prevents the formation of fungus and molds, and additionally spreads the body heat generated, while you sleep, to the entire surface preventing perspiration. Due to its elastic structure it instantly adapts to your body movements and positions during your sleep supporting your spine fully. Thanks to its independent response to the pressure applied to each channel, the person sleeping next to you is not disturbed by your movements, sleeping uninterrupted.

Cotton Fabric Fabric produced by long-fiber cotton, helps to balance your body temperature, wicks away moisture, gives a cool fresh touch, is friendly to your skin and offers you a peaceful sleeping environment.

The latex material, which does not contain any chemical or synthetic substance, proves to be ecological and harmless with the internationally accredited institutes of eco-INSTITUT® and Oeko-Tex® certificates.

British Wool The best quality and most natural form of wool material, British Wool, suitable for all year round use, provides insulation against heat and cold. Preventing perspiration by regulating the ambient humidity, it helps you to balance your body temperature and sleep uninterruptedly. By being a durable and long lasting natural material, it also protects your bed and your health.

ProFlex® Spring System, ProFlex®, a durable spring technology manufactured in Sweden, stands out as the best product to keep the spine in the correct position during sleep. This spring system designed in Sweden, has different rigidity springs to support your body’s sensitive areas.

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