A sleep which makes you experience the coolness of lakes and the freshness of the wind…

halsa stockholm yatak

While sleeping at night, you can find yourself relaxing by the sea or the lake, listening to the sounds of the waves and feel refreshed with the breeze. The Stockholm mattress, which provides a natural heat balance, gives you a cool and uninterrupted sleep with its natural and minimalist tradition of Scandinavian style fabric.

ProPocket® Spring System Each individually packaged and independently functioning springs give customized responses, adapt perfectly to different body types and provide full spine support. ProPocket® invites you to a unique sleeping world with excellent comfort with its’ springiness and sense of flexibility. With its unique resilience feature, ProPocket® distributes the weight of your body evenly across the bed with pockets, creating a unique spring effect. Since the number of springs per square meter is high in this spring system, the number of springs in contact with the body is high too. Having more support points to your spine creates a healthier and orthopaedic environment.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology It minimizes the problem of spouses’ being affected and disturbed by the averse turning movements from their partners. Consequently it offers everybody an uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep during the night.

British Wool The best quality and most natural form of wool material, British Wool, suitable for all year round use, provides insulation against heat and cold. Preventing perspiration by regulating the ambient humidity, it helps you to balance your body temperature and sleep uninterrupted. With its voluminous and strong structure it adapts itself to your body, while its resilience helps the bed to restore its shape after you leave the bed. By being a durable and long lasting natural material, it also protects your bed and your health.

Natural Cotton The most used natural material after wool and flax, cotton, is defined by the length of its fibers. Since only the longest and strongest cotton fibers are selected and brought together, air can move through easily hence staying dry all night. Whilst it regulates your body temperature it also comforts your skin.