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The Hälsa Storsjön mattress, with its woven fabric and natural wool on one side and natural cotton filling on the other side, was designed to ensure that your sleeping qualities are at the highest level every season. It offers summer and winter usage by being double sided. It provides a natural sleep environment to make it easier to fall asleep. The cover, reflects the Scandinavian style and colors with a minimalist elegance.

Natural Cotton With soft, durable and long fiber cotton threads, the Hälsa Storsjön prevents perspiration by being a highly absorbent, naturally breathing and hygienic mattress. It wicks away moisture and preserves your comfortable and cozy sleep. It allows the air to pass through to your body and creates a feeling of comfort.

British Wool The wool filling on the other side of the bed retains heat to constitute a good and pleasant climate in your mattress.

ProFlex® Spring System, ProFlex®, a durable spring technology manufactured in Sweden, stands out as the best product to keep the spine in the correct position during sleep. This spring system designed in Sweden, has different rigidity springs to support your body’s sensitive areas.

MaxSpinal Technology While providing extra support and comfort to the waist and pelvis area, Spine Support System – SSS, will align your spine through contouring support and you will wake up fresh every morning.

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