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Dive into a natural, calm and cool sleep…

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Welcome to a sleeping world surrounded by Sweden’s untouched natural beauties…

In Uppsala mattresses, with its Micromodal fabric cover, you will feel yourself as if in the arms of nature. Micromodal fabric, a semi-natural fabric made from the fibers of beech trees, gives you a nature-friendly comfort with its silky touch.

Uppsala mattresses have many features that provide a natural and comfortable sleeping experience; A distinct manufactured Visco that conforms to different body structures and temperatures, a stylish and comfortable Wave Therapy Foam with air transfer technology.

Thanks to the Täcker sheath your bed stays hygienic at all times.

Micromodal Technology Going one step further in the production of natural materials, Micromodal fabric has a silky touch thanks to the fluffiness of microscopic fibers; such that it is twice as soft as cotton. Micromodal fabric, a semi-natural fabric made from beech tree fibers, with the ability to rejuvenate and revive itself, will give you a nature-friendly comfort.

Wave Therapy Foam The Wave Therapy Foam offers an excellent option for those who suffer an uncomfortable night due to increased body temperature. Wave Therapy Foam distributes body heat evenly and ensures perspiration is evaporated quickly. Thanks to air-transfer technology, it helps to create a microclimate that increases your sleep quality. The dryness created results in an uninterrupted and relaxed sleep.

halsa uppsala