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Recharge your energy even while you are sleeping…

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Vänern series reflects the dream world of Rik Claerhout,the Belgian designer who brings the energy of Sweden’s nature with his drawings to your bedroom.

ProPocket® Spring System is created by placing single springs inside pockets which are able to act independently from one another giving customized reactions, adapting perfectly to different body types and providing full spine support. ProPocket® invites you to a unique sleeping experience, with excellent comfort created by a sense of springiness and flexibility. Thanks to ProPocket® packages the weight of your body is spread equally and a unique resilience is created. Since the number of springs per square metre is high in this spring system, the number of springs in contact with the body is also high. In this way more orthopaedic protection is provided for the spine.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology It minimizes the problem of spouses’ being affected and disturbed by averse turning movements from their partners. Consequently it offers everybody an uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep during the night.

Visco There is a special production Visco layer on the ProPocket® spring system which gives excellent contouring support along every inch of your spine. Visco, which adapts to different body structures and temperatures, prevents involuntary movements during sleep. Thus your sleep quality significantly increases provided by the superior comfort.

MaxSpinal Technology While providing extra support and comfort to the waist and pelvis area, Spine Support System – SSS, will align your spine through contouring support and you will wake up fresh every morning.

halsa vanern