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Relax with the healing power of water…

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Meet the health, naturalness and beauty that come from the freshness of the sea and the lakes… The OceanRelax technology used in Västerbottens mattresses has both biological and aesthetic properties.

Produced from wool and cotton to enhance the sense of naturalness, this bed also provides an excellent sleeping experience with its double sided usage – one side for summer and the other for winter.

ProCoil® Spring System American Leggett & Platt’s latest model in uninterrupted and continuous spring systems, has the highest number of springs among spring mattresses. Due to this unique feature, it offers a serene and uninterrupted sleep comfort. Undergoing a special heat treatment extends the life of the spring structure and prevents deformation. Your comfort also increases with the Pure Edge HD System, which extends the surface usage of your mattress, and gives a tighter support.

OceanRelax Technology Vitamin attained from the sea offers a perfect solution for those who want to revive with power. OceanRelax has both biological and aesthetic properties.

Powered by Spirulina, a microscopic algae species of blue-green algae, OceanRelax technology provides a natural and spacious sleep. 100% natural Spirulina found in salt-water oceans and fresh water lakes is often used as food supplements; OceanRelax naturally feeds your sleep.

Active Support Technology®, Enables your muscles to rest in a more natural sleeping position. Thanks to Active Support Technology®, the springs in the mattress instantly conform to your movements during sleep, supporting your body and offering an active and comfortable sleep.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology It minimizes the problem of spouses’ being affected and disturbed by averse turning movements from their partners. Consequently it offers everybody an uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep during the night.

Fine Wire Technology The durability of the springs is increased through heat treatment, offering approximately 3 times more longevity to similar mattresses. It also preserves 28% more heat and moisture balance during sleep.

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