Hälsa is inspired by nature with an understanding that continues the Swedish tradition to design its mattress. It gives you a peaceful sleep at night by transporting the tranquil nature in Sweden, its deep lakes, and the wind in its large forests to your home.

Health, which takes nature and part of nature to the center, creates patterns that take into account human nature and the need for a comfortable bed and sleeping experience. You can sleep peacefully with Hälsa mattresses, made with breathtaking natural materials that support your body as if you were in nature’s arms.


Hälsa products use only natural materials in line with “respect for the environment and people”. In addition, the cotton duvet cover set, which is made of all-natural cotton, introduces you to a healthy sleep experience. Naturally breathing fabrics both protect your body temperature during sleep and prevent sweating.


We bring the natural vegetation of the Aegean to your home. “Aegean Cotton” is known as the highest quality cotton in the world.

Aegean Cotton, which also stands out with its water absorbent feature and fast-drying structure, comes together with the naturalness of Hälsa for your skin.

Hälsa towels, which stand out with their water absorbent feature, provide a healthy and serene bathing experience with their texture that cares for your skin.


The leading role in reflecting your special atmosphere for living spaces falls on decoration. When it comes to decoration, the furniture comes to the fore as the most important element. Furniture, which is one of the main elements that determine the character of the place, is offered to users with various style and form options. In terms of design, it is possible to talk about different titles such as modern, neoclassical, industrial and classical furnitures.

Hälsa Beds Swedish Sleep Expertise on Healthy Sleep


Sweden is located near the North Pole. That’s why the Swedish people have been exposed to a very long day and night hours for centuries. They are known for their investment in the art of sleep. That’s the reason why we should pay attention to their healthy sleep tips.


Sleep makes it possible for us to start the day as fresh as a newborn. Because it resets us both mentally and physically. As Hälsa, we are here to ensure that you spend this precious period in the highest quality.

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