Healthy Sleep

Sleep has known as a very big period we spend one-third to one-quarter of our life. During sleep, our body is re-news, repairs, and neutralizes itself. Sleep makes it possible for us to start a new beginning to a new day. As Hälsa, we are here to ensure that you spend this precious period in the highest and healthiest quality.

The most important thing for a healthy body and mind is healthy sleep. As we are aware of this, we have made our biggest investment in sleep as Hälsa. The impact on learning, memory, creativity, and mood is related to our healthy sleep cycle. Healthy sleep is also boosting our immune system at the same time it helps to keep a good diet.

Unhealthy and insufficient sleep means that our bodies have no time to repair and renew. Long-term insufficient sleep eventually may disturb our mental and physical progression.


Healthy sleep is the key to a balanced life and the key to healthy sleep is melatonin. Melatonin is simply a hormone that harmonizes our body with the help of daylight. The secret behind feeling fit and balanced throughout the day is the previous night.

When the sun goes down and gets dark our body recognizes that and adjusts the sleep cycle according to it. Because of this, it is very important to keep our sleep environment dark. Also, exposure to screens before sleep causes our brains to receive false signals. The body thinks it isn’t dark yet and can not enter sleep mode. Hormones that are essential for our bodies pause and our sleep cycle become disrupted. This situation also affects sleep quality and it may cause health problems both in the long and short term.

Why Hälsa?

We are combining innovative technology and traditional handcraftsmanship of Sweden in our mattresses. We are bringing mattresses produced with the highest standards to Turkey. We always use certificated organic and natural materials to prioritize human health and nature. We are making it possible a healthy sleep and thus a healthy life. We are using the art of sleep in Sweden in our products and producing our mattresses with the philosophy of respecting nature.