Healthy Sleep

Sleep is known to be a large period in which we spend one-third to one-quarter of our lives. During this time, our body will be completely renewed, repaired and neutralized. Sleep makes it possible for us to start the day as fresh as a newborn. Because it resets us both mentally and physically. As Hälsa, we are here to ensure that you spend this precious period in the highest quality.

A night of healthy sleep is what we need for a healthy body and mind. We keep this motto in our mind and we’ve made our biggest investment in sleep. Having a healthy sleep pattern has a huge impact on our daily activities such as learning, memory, creativity, and mood. It strengthens the immune system making it easier to maintain a healthy diet which is an essential part of decent life.

Are you aware of the meaning of insufficient and unhealthy sleep? It means that your body does not have time to repair and renew itself. Long-term lack of sleep brings mental and physical regression, eventually.


Let’s dig into more details! Healthy sleep is the foundation of life while the basis of healthy sleep is melatonin. If we want to simply explain what melatonin is, we say it is the hormone that harmonizes our body with sunlight. You should keep in mind that the secret of feeling fit and balanced throughout the day is hidden in how you spent the previous night.

When the sun goes down and it gets dark, our body understands it and determines the sleep-wake cycle according to the light. That’s why it is important to keep our sleeping environment dark. Do you know exposure to light-emitting screens before sleep can cause our brain to receive false signals? It is because the body thinks it is not dark yet, so it cannot get itself into resting mode. The production of necessary hormones for our body to rest is disrupted and it will lead to disruption of the sleep-wake cycle.

Why One Should Choose Hälsa?

Firstly, we combine innovative technology and the traditional craftsmanship of Sweden in our mattresses. Secondly, we offer you the mattresses produced to the highest standards and introduce them to you. The chief elements we prioritize are human health and nature that’s why we give importance to using certified organic and natural materials By providing healthy sleep, we offer you a healthy life. All you need to do is to decide which style of mattress you want to choose. We will do the rest.