Home Delivery and Shipping

Delivery Options

We have developed a number of delivery options that save time and money while protecting your back.

HOME PACKAGE – Home delivery (small packages)

Packages weighing less than 20 kg can be delivered to your home.
You will be called or texted 30 minutes before home delivery.
Price: 49 €

STANDARD – Home delivery (large packages)

Once your order has arrived at the local terminal, you will be contacted by the delivery company for booking the delivery day and the appropriate time.
You will be called by the delivery company or receive a text message 30 minutes before the item arrives (within the agreed time).
The product is delivered to the site boundary (gate, gate or garage driveway). *
Price: 149 €

To think about before delivery of your bed

Have a free walkway to the bedroom. Check accessibility in stairs and the like.
You are responsible for your belongings. Prevent damage by protecting delicate floors and stairs, and also remove items. The delivery staff is not able to remove the shoes for safety reasons. If this is not fulfilled, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery and return on another occasion. You will then be charged for both delivery occasions.

To think about during delivery

Be home on the date of delivery. Be sure to be reachable by phone within the agreed delivery interval. If delivery is not possible because you have not been reachable, a fee will be charged.
Check that you have received the correct number of packages and that nothing is damaged or dirty. If something is not right, this is recorded on the carrier’s shipping note and reported to HÄLSA’s customer support within a week. Pictures of the damage should be attached.

* If the carrier does not consider the place safe or navigable, the goods are left as close to the home as possible.

The room must have free and adapted floor space for the new bed (for example, the old bed must be moved and dismantled).

Our bed deliveries are handled by DHL.

Local deviations may occur.