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bebek odası lillsyen
bebek odası lillsyen


Organic Wool and Cotton The wool and cotton used in our
Lillsylen baby mattresses are GOTS certified, demonstrating that they are ecologically produced organic materials according to European standards. The 100% organic wool and cotton does not contain any harmful chemicals nor solvents which is certified by Oeko-Tex® certification.

100% Natural Cotton Produced from delicate cotton fibers, the natural cotton fabric balances your baby’s body temperature and is caring to their tender skin. The breathable cotton fabric, that keeps the mattress and your baby’s skin dry, provides a peaceful sleeping environment.

ProPocket® Spring System Your baby will get great pleasure from every sleep time, and will wake up much happier. Produced especially for Hälsa in Europe, ProPocket® invites your baby to a unique sleeping world, providing excellent comfort with a sense of springiness and flexibility.

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bebek odasi ljungan


A spacious and comfortable sleep is waiting.

Ljungan pillow and duvet with 100% camel hair filling and satin fabric made from 100% cotton offers a combination of naturalness and comfort.

With Oeko-Tex® certified fabric that verifies it does not contain any harmful substances that threaten human health, your baby will always be protected and comfortable…

This special duvet is produced from camel hair, which can easily absorb the tremendous temperature changes occurring in the desert from day to night. Due to this special feature it balances your baby’s body temperature, preventing perspiration in warm months and keeping her warm in cold months acting as a natural air conditioner. Its air permeable structure also allows your baby to breathe. Its washable feature offers both convenience and hygiene.

bebek odası sulitlema
bebek odası sulitlema
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ProNatural® It is natural to wish the best of everything for your baby. Your baby will breathe comfortably in ProNatural®, which is a breathable natural latex provided especially from nature for your baby’s mattress.

Exclusively produced for Hälsa in Malaysia, the 100% natural rubber latex provides natural air circulation in the mattress. It balances the climate and offers an ecological and healthy sleeping environment.

The latex used in Hälsa is proved to be an ecological material certified by the eco-INSTITUT® and Oeko-Tex® certifications, approving production without harming the environment and containing no substances harmful to your baby.

Fully hygienic and reliable, 100% natural latex, is biodegradable in nature since it does not contain any chemical compounds.

With its open channeled structure, found only in natural latex, it can naturally breathe, preventing the formation of fungus and mold. Thanks to these channels, the increased sectional body heat, of your baby, is distributed to the whole surface thus preventing perspiration.

The natural latex also adapts to your baby’s natural sleeping position and supports the spine correctly. It offers both support and comfort together with its durable and elastic structure.

100% Organic Cotton Fabric Fabric produced from 100% organic cotton yarns is air permeable thus prevents the sweating of your baby. With its natural structure, it balances the body temperature and creates a friendly structure on your baby’s’ skin.

In Hälsa all mattress fabrics are free from harmful substances; they do not contain carcinogens and allergen metals; do not irritate the skin; do not use azoic dye and do not harm human health.