Freedom to Roam

Sweden is the 5th largest country in Europe and it has very rich natural resources and forests. Being so close to nature is a fundamental part of the Swedish people and thus they can witness season changes very closely. Have you ever heard the concept of allemansrätten? It means “to be able to wander freely in nature, nature is everyone’s right”. Everyone can enjoy nature as long as they always approach nature with great sensitivity.

The basic concepts of Swedish society shape Hälsa’s understanding of production and design.

Scandinavian Design Concept

Because of being so close to nature and having rich natural resources, Swedish society treats nature with great respect and care. If you look closely at Hälsa, you may see the same attitude in our production. Our motto is “Our mattresses should last at least as long as the natural materials they have been made of.” We design Hälsa sleep products with this philosophy. We are not using exaggerated elements in our designs and think simply & functionally. We are highlighting both Scandinavian design and aesthetics in our products.

Traditional Handcrafting & Technology

Our secret is bringing traditional handcrafting and technology together in Hälsa products. There is always a hint of traditions of the past mixed with the technology of the future. Every single of our mattresses has been shaped with innovative technologies and handcrafting skills of the experts.

Experts of Hälsa is duty at every stage of production, from placing the bed frame to basting stitch. You will feel special with our handcrafted mattresses has been produced in human hands that no machine can match with.

Unique Hälsa handcraft, transforming mattress production into a sleep of art. We are offering you a one-of-a-kind sleep experience with us.

8 Elements & Sustainability

We are using 8 precious element in our production, Horsetail hair, natural latex, wool, camel hair, silk, natural cotton, linen and Swedish steel. They come together to create the magic: Hälsa mattress.

Horsetail Hair • Natural Cotton • Natural Latex • Wool • Camel Hair  • Silk • Linen • Swedish Steel

We are at Hälsa always working to achieve better. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by making sustainable and renewable energy sources and preferring biodegradable raw materials.
By producing long-lasting and healthy products, Hälsa makes it possible for people to reduce their carbon footprints and their consumption.