Freedom to Roam

When we look at Sweden, it is the 5th largest country in Europe and it has rich natural resources and forests. Being so close to nature is an integral part of Swedish people and it makes them possible to witness the change of season closely. Have you ever heard the concept of allemansrätten? Basically, it means “to be able to wander freely in nature, nature is everyone’s right”. Everyone can enjoy nature as long as they always approach nature with great sensitivity.

The basic concepts of Swedish society shape Hälsa’s understanding of production and design.

Scandinavian Design Concept

Being so close to nature and having rich natural sources make Swedish society always treat nature with great respect and care. When you look into Hälsa, you will see this attitude continue in the same way in the production industry.  Our motto is “Our mattresses should last at least as long as the natural materials that make them up.” We design Hälsa sleep products with this perspective. Surprising and redundant decorative elements are not our thing as we think in a simple and functional way. Not only do we choose to be in parallel with the Scandinavian design approach but also we highlight the Swedish aesthetic.

Traditional Hand Workmanship & Technology

Our secret is that we combine handicrafts with technology.

You can see the combination of craftsmanship of the past with the technologies of the future in Hälsa mattresses. Each of our mattresses is also shaped by the sleight of masters with the help of innovative technologies.

At Hälsa, when you check on the products closely, you can see the signature of skilful hands in every step of bed production. From the placement of the bed frame to the fabric basting. You will feel very special in our mattresses because they are produced one by one with the skill that no machine can match just for you!

So it can be said the unique Hälsa hand workmanship transforms mattress production into a sleep art. We provide you with a unique sleep experience in safe and attentive hands.

8 Elements & Sustainability

Let’s take a close look to our precious 8 elements. Horsetail hair, natural latex, wool, camel hair, silk, natural cotton, linen, and Swedish steel. They come together and end up creating the magic: Hälsa mattress.

Horsetail Hair • Natural Cotton • Natural Latex • Wool • Camel Hair  • Silk • Linen • Swedish Steel

As Hälsa, we care about both human and nature. That’s why Hälsa always tries for the better! We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by making renewable energy sources the core element of our operation. Choosing biodegradable materials as raw materials for our products is another step we take, as well.

By producing long-lasting and healthy products, we make it possible individuals, who prefer Hälsa, to minimize their carbon footprints with their consumption preferences.