Hälsa Nature and Hälsa

Nature and Hälsa

Hälsa is a Swedish firm with a growing international presence that blends traditional handcrafts with technology in order to take your sleep quality to a higher level.

Over many decades it has been recognized for its world-famous Swedish quality. Hälsa’s design understanding is inspired by nature and only the best materials sourced from around the world are used for production to create a difference.

Inspired by the Swedish art of sleep and Scandinavian design, Hälsa is bringing a new sleep culture. The Hälsa dream originated in Sweden and spread throughout the world, brings your sleep quality to the highest level by combining the latest technology with traditional handwork that has been practiced for centuries. With its well-known Swedish quality and solidity, it offers you many years of pleasure. The difference is a design inspired by nature and an understanding of production using the world’s finest materials.

Hälsa converts sleep experience into art.