Long Hours of Day & Night

As we know, sleep is very important for a healthy body and mind. The secret behind a “good night’s sleep” lies in deep and uninterrupted sleeping hours. It correlates with the body’s circadian rhythm which is controlled by the melatonin hormone. It makes it harder for our body to synchronize with our biologıcal sleep cycle if we expose ourselves to longer day or night hours. syncronize with our biologicial sleep cycle if we expose ourselves to long day or night hours.

Sweden is located very close to the North Pole which makes Swedish people exposed to very long day and night hours for centuries. Since sleeping is a delicate issue for these people they invested a lot in art of sleep. Hence it is very wise to pay attention to their ways and tips for healthy sleep.

Healthy Mattresses & Suitable Layers

With the help of years of knowledge and experience in natural products, it becomes easy to understand how to make the most healthy mattresses with natures itself. Adjusting the layers of the mattresses to help for healthy sleeping posture benefits human health and psychology is one of them…

We are using the refined knowledge of Sweden’s art of sleep in our every product. We are approaching sleep from a very respectful angle and positioning it into the center of a healthy life.

Swedish Design

Two elements stand out in Hälsa mattresses: Simplicity and functionality.

Hälsa mattresses are transforming into an art from that inspired by Swedish nature fusion with our designers: “Rik Claerhout” from Belgium and “Camilla Zanatta” from Italy. Rik’s designs has mixed with Camilla’s Earth fabrics bringing the beautiful vivid nature of Sweden to your home.

With Hälsa you can re-discover the peace in the middle of nature while listening to the sound of silence.

Member of Interior Cluster Sweden

Production has very high standarts in Sweden. The natural resources of Sweden, unique idea of sustainability and natural values are not so common in the other countries and not applies. This gives a strong competitive advantage to Swedish furniture industriy at the international market.