Long Hours Of Day And Night

As we all know, sleep is very important for a healthy body and mind. The secret of good sleep lies in deep and uninterrupted hours. It correlates with the body’s circadian rhythm, which is controlled by melatonin. You should be aware of exposure to very long hours of night and day. Because when it happens, our biology has difficulty adapting to the sleep cycle.

Sweden is located near the North Pole. That’s why the Swedish people have been exposed to a very long day and night hours for centuries. They are known for their investment in the art of sleep. That’s the reason why we should pay attention to their healthy sleep tips.

Healthy Mattress & Correct Layer 

With years of knowledge, Swedish people understand how the most compatible and healthy mattresses can be made from natural products. For example, one of the basic elements of healthy sleep is the layers in the mattress. It is necessary to adjust these layers according to a healthy sleep posture suitable for human physiology.

We listen and pay attention to these experienced tips. Because Hälsa produces mattresses with significant knowledge coming from Sweden’s sleep expertise. We are aware of the significant position of sleep in the centre of healthy life.

Swedish Design

The two outstanding elements of Hälsa mattresses are their simplicity and functionality.

At Hälsa, we have two successful designers. The first one is Italian designer ‘Camilla Zanatta’ and the second one is Belgian designer ‘Rik Claerhout’. They are the great minds who transform mattresses into art. Their inspiration comes from Swedish nature. The beginning of the Hälsa product starts with the combination of Rik’s designs and Camilla’s Earth fabric. Eventually, together they bring Sweden’s beautiful nature into your home.

In conclusion, you can rediscover peace while listening to the sound of silence in the middle of nature with Hälsa.

Member of Interior Cluster Sweden

Another reason why you should choose Hälsa is the high standards of production in Sweden. Unique sustainability thinking and values ​​are not given importance in all countries as Sweden does. So, this gives the Swedish furniture industry another level and a strong competitive advantage in the international market.